It wasn’t that long ago I took part in my first “Super Saturday” and saw the work of Repeat Champions in action.

It was really something!

Dozens of volunteers, working together like a well-oiled machine… sifting through box after box of donated trophies; sorting, disassembling, cleaning, rebuilding, counting & packing.

Well, the final Super Saturday for this year went into the books a few weeks ago and thanks to the dedication & hard work of many friends, family, neighbours and so many students that came out, looking to clock volunteer hours for school, more than 3,000 trophies, in total, have been given new life.

Consider for a moment the amount of metal, wood, plastic and other material that has
been kept out of our local landfills through this work.

Consider also what 3,000 trophies, donated free off charge to local sports groups, will mean to young people throughout the area.

Repeat Champions’ mission is: “Repeat, Recycle, Reward”. And it’s working.

Hundreds of trophies have already been donated. Hundreds more are ready to go at a moments notice.

And donations keep pouring in.

If you’d like to get involved with Repeat Champions by donating your old, unwanted trophies, or by being a part of future Super Saturdays, or if you can assist by donating supplies, or cash to help purchase supplies…Maybe you just want to spread the word about this amazing organization.

Everyone is welcome & anyone can make a difference.

How about you?

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