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That’s the question Hamilton’s Sarino Genovese asked himself not long ago, looking at a pile of discarded trophies he noticed in a local landfill.

In that moment Repeat Champions was born.

Now, almost 4,000 trophies later & counting, Repeat Champions is putting smiles on the faces of youth all over & bringing a glow to the hearts of all those who continue to join the ranks of this grass roots initiative. It’s a truly inspiring, feel-good story.

How does it work?

It all starts with a phone call or an email to Repeat Champions, after which volunteers fan out all over the GTA to collect unwanted trophies, saving them from clogging local landfills & giving them a new life. Like bees to honey, these volunteers go to work sorting, disassembling, cleaning & refurbishing the donated hardware. Once rejuvenated, trophies are carefully packed away & catalogued, stored & ultimately given to sporting organizations in need. The process is carefully planned & orchestrated, depending solely on the efforts of an ever-growing group of individuals & donor sponsors who have generously provided resources & time needed to make it all happen.

So, can you make a difference?

You bet.

Take a look in your basement, attic, garage or storage shed for trophies of any kind, any size, that have served their purpose & could be re-purposed, then contact Repeat Champions.

Maybe you’d like to donate your time to help collect & refurbish donated trophies, or provide other resources that will aid the impact Repeat Champions is making in communities everywhere.

We want to talk to you too.

For more, read the article recently published in the Sherman Hub News.

And if you find yourself asking the question: “can I make a difference?”

Trust can. You should.

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