The past few months have been a challenge for everyone. Many things have been put on hold & some activities have ground to a halt all together, including the work being done by Repeat Champions.
Prior to the onset of COVID-19 & measures put into place in March, organizers at Repeat Champions were planning for another busy season collecting, refurbishing & donating trophies to sports groups, community & youth organizations all over.

Regrettably, that has not been the case.

But that doesn’t mean Repeat Champions have loosened their commitment to their original goal. So while we all wait out a return to “normal” and the ability to get back to work, organizers & supporters at Repeat Champions have turned their attentions to other things & are planning some exciting new initiatives that will not only enhance their work, but allow them to grow & do even more for our community & those in areas across the country.

And although things may remain uncertain, in the short term at least, Repeat Champions is on top of their game & excited to get back to work & share details of what lies ahead. In the meantime, they hope you will use some at home, to look around; check your basement, attic, garage, wherever, for unwanted trophies you may want to donate & if you, or anyone you know has trophies to donate, please let us know. While we are unable to collect donations at the moment, we will add you to our list & contact you once we are able to resume pick ups.

To all those who have aided, supported & worked with us in the past, we say thank you. We are grateful for all you’ve done & we look forward to welcoming all of you back very soon. Please check back here for updates & news of our next Super Saturday & other events on the Repeat Champions calendar.

So for now, be well, stay safe & strong. We wish everyone the best.

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