With every donation that comes in, Repeat Champions is changing communities all over.

Haven’t head of us?

Created to support local youth sports, Repeat Champions mission is threefold:


It works like this:

By encouraging people everywhere to donate old and/or unwanted trophies to be refurbished, Repeat Champions is saving countless pounds of scrap from ending up in our already overflowing landfills, which means we’re helping the environment.

Once trophies are disassembled, cleaned, repaired and restored, they’re ready to be donated back to any group in need, giving them a much needed helping hand when funding is tight.

Finally, through our efforts, Repeat Champions is bringing smiles and memories to a new generation of youth sports enthusiasts, helping them to realize the thrill of victory.

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Repeat Champions relies on an army of volunteers, supporters and sponsors and we’re always ready to welcome more.

You can lend a hand by donating trophies you might have laying around, or by showing up at a “Super Saturday” to help with refurbishing work. Maybe you’re a business owner and can donate supplies or warehouse space. And of course cash donations are always welcome to help with on-going costs.

Anyone, everyone can join in.

Just contact us through the contact page.

We’ll let you know what we need and how you can help “RECYCLE. REPEAT. REWARD.”

Thanks for your support!


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Trophy Donation On Hold

On behalf of the Repeat Champions team, we wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New year!!!

Unfortunately, we are still not accepting trophies due to our current situation of limited storage space and other resources. We hope to be back in the Fall of 2023. Please keep trophies if you can, and check back later for an update on when we plan to resume things.

Thank you to the community for the overwhelming response and support. We look forward to coming back bigger than ever. While we have paused on taking old trophies for donations, we can still use financial donations to help us put more smiles on kid’s faces… Thanks you!