bill black

Nov 28, 2017

Dear Sarino,

My family and I would like to thank you for what you are doing for the community! Your efforts to encourage and support groups in the community and be able to provide them with trophies is fabulous! We know that this project can likely be overwhelming, but knowing how much this will be appreciate goes beyond words!

My father, William (Bill) Black, was very proud and supportive of youth sports. Having been a professional soccer player himself, he wanted to promote youth soccer in Hamilton and take the teams and players to their greatest potential and to do this; he founded Mountain Hamilton Youth Soccer Club many years ago. Over the years he has taken many team to championships and travelled around the world with teams. He was very encouraging coach and was so proud of their accomplishments and the trophies they were awarded for their efforts.

Now that my father has passed, we had hoped to do something to honour his efforts. When we saw your article in The Spectator and the program you had organized, we knew this is exactly what we were going to do. He would be so proud to know that all the trophies we have donated on his behalf to go on to encourage and support youth in the community.

Little did we know that when we finally met you Sarino, you actually knew my father and played soccer for him many years ago.You were actually one of the youth he had tried to encourage!! This really meant so much to my family, that you knew the history of the man, Bill Black and the pride he had for the teams and players and the sport.

Thank you for all you are doing with Repeat Champions!! We, my mom Anne, my brother Bruce and I, hope that you are able to obtain sponsors in the community to help support your cause, so that you can take your efforts and project further, encouraging the youth in our community and aboard.

All the best, and as my dad always signed off…”Yours in Sport”


Anne Black, Bruce Black, Lorna O’Connell,
(Family of William (Bill) Black)

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