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The following list of people have generously donated a trophy, medal or both to help support this cause and make this initiative possible.

The list is constantly updated as people donate.

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Mark of Caledonia
Marcia of Hamilton
Eric D. of Welland
Ross of Hamilton
Dave D. of Hamilton
Dwight Bennett – Top Quality Upholstering Inc.
Joe G - Hamilton
Dan R. - St Creek
John W. - St Creek
Jane St. G - St Creek
Maggie & John M. - Hamilton
Tony L. - Hamilton
John & Mallory Gray - Burlington
Daniel A. of Dundas
Sue H. of Ancaster
Mary & Peter C. of Hamilton
Linda & Phillip Hartnell of Hamilton
Silvia D. of Mississauga
Anna Maria B. and family of Ancaster
Aldo G. of St. Creek
Connie P, of Hamilton
Margaret F of Hamilton
Laurie I. of Hamilton
Lory & Joe P. of Hamilton
Bob & Jill S. of Hamilton
Derek S. of Dundas
Alicia H. of Hamilton
Wynne T. of Grimsby
Terry E. of Hamilton
Kelsey W. of Hamilton
Joyce B. of Burlington
Jean M. of Hamilton
Judy H. of Hamilton
Cathy H. of Grimsby
Andy & Jean of Dundas
Laurie L. of Toronto
Cathy & Joe B. of Ancaster
Dennis T. of Hamilton
Nina C. of Hamilton
Heather & Chris L. of Binbrook
Teresa D. of Hamilton
Diane F. of Welland
Angela H. of Oakville
Constance G. of Port Colborne
Nat & Marjie F. of Ancaster
Mallory T. of Hamilton
Margaret & Miles D. of Ancaster
Roma J, of Ancaster
Don T. of Hamilton
Tony M. of Hamilton
Enrico S. of Hamilton
Gord M. of Burlington
Karen A. of Toronto
Judy D. of Ancaster
Eric R of Hamilton
Sandra M. of Toronto
Michael & Mary B. of Hamilton
Lisa M. Of Georgetown
Joseph R. Of Hamilton
Brian & Kay D. of Kitchener
Diane M. of Oakville
Mike D. of Mississauga
Anne G. of Dundas
Lou D. of Ancaster
Milwaukee B. of Brantford
Doris B. of Ancaster
Aileen M. of Thorold
Nancy O. of Hamilton
Tom & Anne S. Of Ancaster
Hamilton Sparta SC
Paul & Barb E. Of Hamilton
Very & Luiza W. Of Dundas
Linda D. of Burlington
Lisa & Frank S. Of Ancaster
Alex of Toronto
Brian K. of Hamilton
Andrea & Sam P. of Hamilton
Steve D. of Burlington
Darcy B. Of Kitchener
Rita F. Of Dundas
Melanie H. P. Of Waterdown
Teri H. Of Oakville
Giorgio B. Of Hamilton
Jack & Linda C. Of Hamilton
Neil S. Of Hamilton Jr Bulldogs
Kelly G. Of Cambridge
Rick K. Of Kitchener
Paola G. Of Toronto
Darlene B. Of Mississauga
Glen C. Of Hamilton
Brett H. Of Toronto
Laura G.B. of Kitchener
Rick K. Of Kitchener
Karen Mc. Of Acton
Shane M. Of Hamilton
Joe Q. Of Woodbridge
Tom K. Of Hamilton
Susan M. Of Hamilton
Cheryl & Ken S. Of Hamilton
Patrick G. Of Toronto
Nathan S. Of Milton
Josie M. Of Hamilton
Justin H. Of Niagara Falls
Kelly H. Of Hamilton
Kevin B. Of Mississauga
Vic R. Of Port Credit
Sari W. Of Toronto
Zach & Tom H. Of Hamilton
Craig B. Of Durham
Kathi G. Of Cambridge
Julie H. Of Hamilton
David G. Of Mississauga
Susan D. Of Scarborough
Pasha M. Of Hamilton
Mike H. Of Hamilton
John P. Of Hamilton
Stuart P. Of Hamilton
Shaneabbas J. Of Waterloo
Frank L. Of Brantford
Teresa M. Of Hamilton
Marylou S. Of Hamilton
Margaret C. Of Hamilton
Jim P. Of Smithville
Patricia E. Of Quebec
Teresa of Mississauga
Miriam J. Of Mississauga
Roshan M.D of Newmarket
Patricia E. Of St Jeans Richeleu QC
Johnson of Chelsea QC
Lynette B. Of Grimsby
Olivia S. Of Georgetown
Susan P. Of Georgetown
Nancy G. Of Oakville

Dave & Georgia B. of Hamilton
Krista N. of Ancaster
Kathleen J. of Hamilton
Rebecca R. Of Hamilton
Peter P. of Hamilton
Carmelo & Ina G. of Hamilton
Shannon L. of Ancaster
Gene Karley of Waterloo
Dee G. of Toronto
Wendy & Silvia P. of Hamilton
Cassandra J. of Hamilton
Scott L. of Ottawa
Linda M. of Hamilton
Ryan K. of Hamilton
Mary & Silvio S. of Hamilton
Anne & Glen G. of Burlington
Barb & Bruce C. of Ayr
Greg & Catherine M. of Ancaster
Ken & Joni G. of Ayr
Jim and Eileen K. of Hamilton
David Geno of Hamilton
Dan N. of Ancaster
Joe G. Of Hamilton
Tibor O. of Burlington
Rose D. of Hamilton
Jeremy B. of Burlington
Karen T. of Hamilton
Don B. of Burlington
David R. of Ancaster
Katie K. of Dundas
Cathy K. of St Creek
Alan R. of Dundas
Angie J. of Hamilton
Tom D. of Hamilton
Ron R. of Niagara Falls
Nicole P. of St Creek
Veronica B. of Hamilton
Debbi S. of Hamilton
David R. Harvey Moving Systems of Hamilton
Michelle S. of Hamilton
Chris P. Of Hamilton
Mike G. of Hamilton
Betty M. of St Creek
Lorraine L. of Welland
Dayle I. of Oakville
Dorothy of Burlington
John R. of Stoney Creek
Lori B. of Toronto
Mark D. of Hamilton
Beatrice K. of Dundas
Darryl K. of Brantford
Tracy J. of Ancaster
Lynda F. of Hamilton
Daniel D. of Hamilton
Erin M. of Hamilton
John G. of Toronto
Pat & Luca M. of Hamilton
Linda L. of Oakville
Lindsay B. of St Creek
Shannon L. of St Creek
Jim & Paul of Hamilton
Elaine G. of Hamilton
Laura C. of Lindsay
Jon V. of Toronto
Tom S. of Ancaster
Emily A. of Hamilton
Sarah H. Of Hamilton
Joanne & Joe of Ancaster
Paul & Barb E. Of Ancaster
Glenn & Teresa H. of Guelph
Kerri K. Of Toronto
Kirsten G. Of Toronto
Marissa & Peter O. of Hamilton
Terrapure Environmental of Burlington
Dawn A. Of Toronto
Janice P. Of Toronto
Samantha S. Of Newmarket
Neil S. Of Niagara Falls
Dylan V. Of Hamilton
Amanda J. Of Kitchener
Liz E. Of Hamilton
Gino M. Of Hamilton
Stephanie T. Of Mississauga
Lurdes J. Of Kitchener
Katie C. Of Hamilton
Alison M. Of Toronto
Sharon M. Of Hamilton
Stephanie P. Of Cambridge
Pete M. Of Burlington
Lori L. Of Kitchener
Vic J. Of Hamilton
Kimber G. Of Nova Scotia
Rod C. Of Burlington
Mike L. of Hamilton
Brad E. Of Aurora
Patti T. Of Brantford
Ernie S. Of Hamilton
Meghan H. Of Kitchener
Brian C. Of Hamilton
Krista E. Of Kitchener
Margaret H. Of Guelph
Richard B. Of Hamilton
Leanne R. Of Kitchener
Elizabeth C. Of Brantford
Katelyn O. Of Waterloo
Sophie N. Of Cambridge
Sara C. Od Brantford
Kathy S. Of Hamilton
Janne D. Of Collingwood
Julie F. Of Colorado,US
Jennifer A. Of Hamilton
John P. Of Hamilton
Rosanna G. Of Ancaster
Mary A. Of Burlington
Kennedy L. Of Beamsville
Mary Kate A. Of Ancaster
Jim F. Of Hamilton
Kimberly C. Of Mississauga
Nancy of Oakville
Katie H. Of Burlington
Rick B. Of Burlington
Bobby of Mississauga
Rick of Grimsby
Carol A. Of Milton
Bayezin of Woodbridge
Mary Kate A. Of Ancaster
Mary & Aldo B. of Ancaster
Grant & Teresa R. of Toronto
Sylvie G. of St Catherine, QC
S Anderson - Calgary Alberta
Clifton I. of Toronto
Jenn S. of Hamilton

  • Thank you, it's a great thing you doing, the world needs more people like you.


  • I do not have any trophies for you but I wanted to congratulate you on your project. It's a great idea.


  • Dear Sarino, what a great way to help our community and abroad by repurposing these trophies. I was thrilled to learn of your project and support the idea!! Good for the environment and our city. Congratulations and continued success!

    Linda & Phillip Hartnell

  • Great Job Sarino, What a great cause and glad to be a part of it!

    Frank Z

  • I think your idea is fantastic and what a way to give to others who might not ever receive a trophy.

    Bob S.

  • I saw the article in the Spec about your fabulous program. I've been searching for a home for some trophies we have and this is perfect.

    Maureen E.

  • What a wonderful idea. Hope you are getting inundated with donations after the article in the Spectator today.

    Karen T

  • I have been looking for a meaningful way to pass them on. This is a great idea. God bless you all.

    Mark D.

  • This is a great program. We are very happy that these trophies can be recycled for other kids to enjoy.
    I have mentioned your program to friends and family, so you may be receiving an influx of calls in the near


  • I love the idea of recycling trophies. I know kids would burst a button to have a trophy and for some it could be the only tangible proof they’re worth something to someone else!!

    Bernadette Q. Gattineau, Ottawa

  • My family and I would like to thank you for what you are doing for the community! Your efforts to encourage and support groups in the community and be able to provide them with trophies is fabulous! We know that this project can likely be overwhelming, but knowing how much this will be appreciated goes beyond words!

    The Black family

  • I applaud what you do, for many reasons, especially to bring smiles to children's faces and to help with the environment by not having all of these items in the landfill...which in the future (I hope) will also bring many smiles to children's faces.

    Laura Worley

  • I think what you do is great. Kids feel such a sense of accomplishment and pride when they work hard and are recognized.
    Recycling of trophies and then donating them is brilliant.

    Stacey Gollner

  • I think the pics say it all, Sarino. You made their day today, and it's more than their day.
    I do want you to know that the trophies really were a highlight.  The students took them to all of their classes today, and most would not pack them in their knapsacks, choosing instead to carry them proudly to the Special Needs' bus.
    It really was amazing.  Thank you again.

    Brian Daly
    St Mary’s Highschool & Best Buddies

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