We are not currently accepting any new trophy donations. We hope to be back in full-force in the fall of 2022 and will update the website when we were taking them on again.

Do you remember how it felt the first time you won an award or received a trophy? After the glow of winning faded, did it end up on a shelf, collecting dust or in a box only to end up in landfill?

Repeat Champions spreads the joy of winning, one recycled trophy at a time, extending the life of a trophy and rewarding new winners because we believe that everyone deserves to be a champion!

Boy Holding Trophy

Repeat Champions is a Not for Profit organization that collects gently used trophies, and medals from any sport or activity, in any shape or size, and gives them new life by refurbishing them into non-gender specific awards, then donates to groups or organizations repeating the champion process by rewarding athletes of all ages.


So Far We Have Collected

15,000+ Trophies & Medals

In addition, we’ve been able to help donate over 3000 trophies and medals to children that otherwise wouldn’t have received anything in the organization they’re in.

We've been able to donate some of our trophies to the following organizations as well as a few other smaller groups in need.

  • Kiwanis Boys & Girls Club
  • Best Buddies Canada
  • Boys & Girls Clubs ( Hamilton & Burlington)
  • City Kidz - Ham Division
  • Grass Roots Soccer ( greater Ham Region)
  • Start 2 Finish Organization
  • Holy Name of Jesus inner city kids basketball assoc.
  • Swansea Hockey Assoc ( Toronto)
  • Prince of Whales Primary School Gem Awards
  • Nolan Ciarlo LLP Lawyers for Legacy For Children’s Program
  • Sport Hamilton - Breakfast of Champions

Did You Know That Our Landfills Are Filling Up At An Alarming Rate?

eco friendly

Some items can take from 50 to 1000 years to completely breakdown. Like many companies, we advocate that next time you are ready to just throw something in the trash, take a moment to consider passing it along to someone else who might need it. By donating your used trophies or medals, not only will you be keeping that item out of the landfill and reducing greenhouse gases, you’ll be helping us celebrate the achievements of others and creating Repeat Champions.

Recycling is an important service to our society — and our planet.

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Trophy Donation On Hold

Unfortunately, we're still not accepting trophies because of COVID 19. We hope to be back in the fall of 2022. Please keep trophies if you can and check back later for an update on when we plan to resume things.

We're overwhelmed with the response from the community and look to come back bigger than ever. We are running out of storage space as we have collected thousands of trophies. While we have paused on taking old trophies for donations, we can still use financial donations to help out.