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Message From Founder:

Trash To Treasure

“Little did I know that a trip to the local city garbage dump would create the vision for my company: Repeat Champions.

I remember on a couple of occasions when my son David and I went to the landfill site, we witnessed some young kids having some fun by smashing their trophies and throwing them into the big dumpster bins. The sound of the metal crashing against the sides of the bin was unsettling and disheartening.

I thought about the time and effort it takes to earn a trophy, and of the many kids who may never experience the pride of being celebrated for being a champion.

Equally as important, all these unwanted trophies have metal, plastic, and other waste components going into the landfill site creating a negative impact on our environment.

As a lifelong sports enthusiast and coach to young athletes for over 20 years, I am continually inspired by the personal transformation of young kids when they are acknowledged for their achievements and realize success beyond their own beliefs and expectations.

I told my son that every child should have the opportunity to experience the elation of receiving an award and that there were so many who could not afford to play organized sports. I decided at that moment these unwanted trophies should be recycled, and reused for the benefit of future “repeat” champions, and help create an eco-friendly environment.”

“Someone’s trash would become another person’s treasure.”

Sarino Genovese,
Founder, President
Repeat Champions

Our Mission Statement:

“Repeat Champions spreads the joy of winning, one recycled trophy at a time, extending the life of a trophy and rewarding new winners because we believe that everyone deserves to be a champion!”

Repeat Champions is a Not for Profit organization that collects gently used trophies, and medals from any sport or activity, in any shape or size.

Trophies are refurbished, recycling as much as 90% of the parts and donated to groups and organizations within our community and abroad, which do not have the resources to purchase them on their own. House-league sports teams, seniors groups and after school clubs are just a few of the people we help. It is our way of showing each recipient they are a CHAMPION!

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